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Explore the fastest cryptocurrency trading


Create and verify your account in less than 5 minutes.


Blik payments, quick link and bank transfer booked 24/7.


SPOT Exchange, Instant Exchange and Quick Swap.


Only in EGERA, the AdShares, Big Short Bets, HashUp and USD Coin market paired with a zloty.


Only with us you can make an Express Elixir bank transfer to your own account around the clock.


Access to trades, cryptocurrency wallet, market news and much more! The EGERA app gives you all this.

Create a cryptocurrency portfolio!

Create an account on Egera, invest in cryptocurrencies, earn on referrals.

Create an Egera account

The first step in your adventure with cryptocurrency trading

Earn by referral

Get 60% commission on every transaction of the user you refer!

Gift card with cryptocurrencies

Give someone a gift by buying a gift card containing cryptocurrencies!

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What do you expect from a cryptocurrency exchange?

Everything you want can be found in EGERA

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Account maintenance for free

Low fees are extremely important. That's why with EGERA you only pay for completed transactions.

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Low commissions

At EGERA, we charge the lowest commissions compared to other platforms with the same functionality. Trade crypto from just 0.3% per trade.

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Perfect User Experience

A convenient and intuitive application in Polish is our foundation. When creating our solutions, we always focus on making crypto trading pleasant above all.

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Safe zloty deposits and withdrawals

Thanks to the payment institution, you can be sure that your deposited zlotys are safe. In addition, we are the only exchange to book deposits and settle withdrawals 24/7!

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Support in Polish

Our customer support team looks after your every transaction. This makes using the exchange a pure pleasure.

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Affiliate Program

Recommend EGERA, trade with your friends and earn up to 0.84% from the trading turnover of your referrals.

Quick verification

Egera is the first cryptocurrency exchange in Poland to introduce such a fast identity verification system. It only takes a minute to process a scan or photo of your ID document and fully activate your account.

Quick deposits

Time is of the essence on the cryptocurrency market. That's why we provide you with fast and convenient Blik deposits, link transfers and processing of deposits and withdrawals via Express Elixir immediate transfer straight from your bank account.

Secure wallets

Cryptocurrencies on the EGERA wallet are stored in accordance with the standard of good practice. 95% of them are stored on so-called cold wallets. This means that these funds do not have a physical connection to the Internet, and the remaining 5% are secured by an operational reserve.

Professional support in Polish

Our cryptocurrency exchange was created to make cryptocurrency exchange quick and convenient. However, our customer support department will help you in any situation where you need it.

Quick replacement model

EGERA was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to introduce an overlay to the exchange module, giving you quick access to all markets. Quick exchange through several markets simultaneously in a few clicks without requiring much knowledge and time has never been so easy!

We comply with local regulations

As a leader among Polish cryptocurrency exchanges, we were one of the first institutions to receive an entry in the register of entities dealing in cryptocurrency trading, the so-called VASP license. This means that we operate legally in Poland.

Safe trading on EGERA

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Secure market connection

Encryption of the connection makes the data sent and received from our platform safe and hidden from unauthorized access.

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2FA authentication

Thanks to the possibility of authorizing with Google authenticator codes, your account is much more secure than the standard security features of other exchanges.

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Full deposit coverage

As an exchange operator, we trust our systems so much that we keep our funds in EGERA wallets ourselves. Unlike other exchanges, we have full coverage of all deposited cryptocurrencies.

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Nearly 15 years of experience

We have been in the financial technology industry for nearly 15 years. We create solutions tailored to market needs so that cryptocurrency trading is fast, convenient and secure.

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98% of funds secured on cold wallets

The security of funds is our priority. That is why we store as much as 98% of deposited cryptocurrencies in cold wallets based on a multi-signature. These wallets are cut off from the Internet.

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Bug bounty program

We take care of safety. Any reported irregularities are fairly compensated.

Our advantages

Three coins
Polish Cryptocurrency Exchange

Deposit Polish zlotys at your convenience. You can choose from fast BLIK payments, the ability to top up your account with a traditional transfer including instant Express Elixir booked 24/7, and payment via a link from selected banks.

Icon of certificate

We have all the necessary permits and licenses to make your trading not only convenient but also safe

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Deposits and withdrawals 24/7

We are the only cryptocurrency exchange in Poland that settles deposits and withdrawals by traditional transfer in this instant Express Elixir 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Best affiliate program

Recommend EGERA to your friends and earn up to 0.84% of their turnover on our Platform! For each introduced first five friends, you receive as much as 30% of the commission we collect.

Mockup Egery - Giełdy kryptowalut

What should you know about the exchange?

Good cryptocurrency exchanges have certain characteristics. The ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges does not always mean that the exchange is the best. Facts are important. When using EGERA, the facts speak for themselves

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Deposit fiat currencies

Only on our platform you can conveniently deposit and withdraw zlotys 24/7. Express Elixir transfers are booked and processed around the clock, also on holidays and weekends.

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Trading module

EGERA is a real exchange. If you want to have full control over your spending, trade freely using the Limit order option and create the market around you!

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Quick Swap

Don't want to set the exchange rate yourself? With EGERA, that's no problem. Thanks to the Quick Swap module, you can freely exchange currencies with each other even across several markets. All this for one low transaction fee.

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Create a gift card and give it to your friends. Bitcoin is always the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

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Egera Academy

EGERA is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but also a knowledge zone that will help you make better investment decisions. Visit the Academy tab and check what we have prepared for you.

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Learn & Earn Zone

Thanks to the Learn & earn area, you will discover new projects and gain exposure to their growth. All this thanks to the reward in the form of cryptocurrencies that you will receive from knowledge tests.

FAQ - everything you need to know about the EGERA cryptocurrency exchange

How much is the maker commission?

Maintaining an EGERA account is completely free, as is storing bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Commissions on the exchange are among the lowest on the market and are constantly

  • 0.3% - maker's commission (for listing an offer to the orderbook)
  • 0.5% - taker commission (for removing the offer from the orderbook).

Are maker commissions negotiable?

Of course, commissions in EGERA are negotiable. This mainly applies to instant exchange via quick exchange in the panel of our platform. However, if you professionally deal with providing liquidity in the markets, write to us and certainly the commission we propose will pleasantly surprise you.

What is the difference between a maker and a taker offer?

Maker commissions differ from taker commissions in the way of executing the offer. If you issue an offer to the market using the Limit order form, it is a positive action that builds the depth of the market. you animate the market.

Can an investor on the stock market feel safe?

We inform btc investors at every step that entering the blockchain technology market is associated with risk. Therefore, we protect our investors from several angles.

Firstly, using the security of the platform itself. Thanks to the integration of services such as Google Authenticator, your account gains significantly in security.

In addition, we constantly educate our clients on safe investing. Firstly, through the EGERA Academy, in which we explain the technology itself and its potential threats. Secondly, we introduce projects in the Learn & Earn section.

Third, we warn clients at every step. Fake brokers, pretending to be investment advisors, try to extort funds from our clients. We counteract this in many areas. Therefore, sometimes authorization of bitcoin transfers takes a little longer. Fake brokers often impersonate bank employees, uniformed services or EGERA employees. Remember that you can always ask us if a given person is our employee via chat or e-mail.

Can I recommend the exchange to my friends?

Yes, of course. We are the only exchange that pays a percentage of referrals. This means that as long as your friend uses our exchange, you will receive as much as 30% commission on transactions.

Does EGERA support CFDs?

We are currently preparing to launch the Futures market for USD Coin pairs. We are working on the implementation of this service. Please note that CFDs are significantly more complicated than the SPOT market, so this service will be introduced gradually.

Does EGERA have its own tokens?

Not at the moment. Tokens will be introduced when their increase in value can be satisfactory for the investor. We do not want to sell tokens without value, building their value only on our brand and investors' trust in our service. Tokens are to be based on real numbers and be the least susceptible to flash crash.

Does the cryptocurrency exchange support USD Tether stable coins?

At EGERA, we support two stable coins. They are USD Coin and Euro Coin issued by Cercle. Each of them can be deposited or withdrawn using the blockchain technology of the ethereum chain based on the ERC-20 contact. Due to the many controversies surrounding USD T we do not support markets based on this token.

Does EGERA support fiat eur deposits?

Yes. In our exchange you can freely deposit and withdraw euros. Transfers are booked only on the basis of the SEPA standard. Unfortunately, we are unable to book SWIFT payments.

Importantly, we are a Polish cryptocurrency exchange, so remember that the depth of the markets to the zloty will be significantly more important than the size of the euro or dollar exchange.

Are cryptocurrency exchanges and forex the same?

No. Cryptocurrency exchanges are based on trading digital currencies such as bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum. Forex, on the other hand, is based on exchanging fiat currency for another and playing with leverage on the difference of these rates. Of course, cryptocurrency exchanges support the transaction in based on fiat currencies, however, servicing the fiat currency exchange market is not within their scope.

Did users lose money investing in the stock market?

Both the stock market and cryptocurrencies are zero-sum games. This means that those with higher skills or lower risk appetite tend to exit the market earlier, selling their cryptocurrencies to those seeking even greater gains. EGERA has been in business for 2019. During this time, we experienced several economic cycles in cryptocurrencies. It is natural that people with weak nerves or those investing funds that they later needed had to sell them at a loss. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the market and only invest these funds that we may lose.

What is the difference between a cryptocurrency exchange and a bitcoin exchange?

In the case of a btc exchange office, you make a transaction with the exchange operator. In the case of an exchange, you buy cryptocurrencies from another user or many users. The role of the exchange is to combine the purchase and sale offers, the two opposite sides of the market. Exchanges usually have smaller spreads, which is why buying cryptocurrencies on the exchange is usually cheaper.

What cryptocurrencies can I buy on the exchange?

The crypto asset portfolio of our platform is growing day by day. The basis is the cryptocurrency btc, eth and litecoin. However, there are also typical altcoins such as dogecoin or xrp. EGERA can also be used as an on/off ramp for stable coins Thanks to our Platform, you can conveniently buy USDC and EUR.

How does support help users?

The customer support department mainly supports users in the area of ​​using the platform itself. This department, in cooperation with the security department, also authorizes larger withdrawals, such that exceed the value of 0.5 btc or 5 eth. The support department also helps less experienced users to safely use cryptocurrencies. Not everyone is aware that making cryptocurrency withdrawals is irreversible. The role of support is to warn users against possible loss resulting from ignorance or naivety.

What does the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges say about EGERA?

The rankings appreciate us for many elements. The basic ones are the possibility of BLIK deposits and settlement of PLN deposits and withdrawals 24/7. Many rankings also give us maximum marks for customer support. However, suggesting the lists is not always right. set up an account on the platform and experience the emotions of crypto trading for yourself.

What is the difference between the SPOT market and the leveraged market?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into two categories. The first is spot exchanges, the second is exchanges with a futures module. The main difference is the exchange mechanism. In the SPOT game, you only trade with your funds. In the case of leveraged markets, you can play based on a loan, i.e. create a position worth, for example, a thousand zlotys with only 100. If your bet is successful, you win much more, but if the market collapses, you lose the vast majority of funds, and possibly even all of them.

The risk of trading with leverage is significantly higher. We recommend trading futures only to experienced traders. If you do not feel familiar enough with the market, try trading on a standard cryptocurrency exchange first. There will be time for trading with leverage.

Are cryptocurrency exchanges legal?

There have been many myths about exchanges over the years. We cannot speak for other exchange service providers, but our platform is fully legal. The zlotys we accept into your bank account are protected by our payment institution. the right to provide exchange services is granted by the VASP license obtained from the Polish regulator.

Why are cryptocurrency exchanges collapsing?

There are many reasons for this. The most common of them is the loss of coverage on exchanges. This means that some exchanges do not maintain full coverage of accumulated funds, which at times of increased payouts can cause liquidity disturbances, and thus bankruptcy of the exchange.

The most common causes of liquidity loss include:

  • fraud - in which exchange operators spend clients' funds,
  • loss of funds due to hacking, which is most often related to an error in permissions or wallet configuration,
  • trading based on client funds,

Why is there no BLIK on other exchanges?

The provider of BLIK payment services can only be a financial institution. Currently, there are very few payment institutions operating in the cryptocurrency sector. Therefore, the BTC EGERA exchange is unique. In addition to BLIK deposits, we also offer quick and convenient bank account deposits booked 24/7.

Is it safe to hold bitcoin on exchanges?

A safe place to store cryptocurrencies is a wallet over which you have full control, i.e. one to which you have a private key. Cryptocurrency exchanges are characterized by a high level of security. However, it should be remembered that exchanges are used to exchange cryptocurrencies, not to exchange them So if you plan to hold bitcoin for a long time, withdraw it from a cryptocurrency exchange for your peace of mind. After all, cryptocurrencies were created so you wouldn't have to trust anyone.

What to consider when choosing an exchange?

For you as an investor, it is best to look at two aspects when choosing an exchange. The first is its established position and security. You don't want to use a platform that has been on the market since yesterday. Good crypto exchanges can boast of several years of tradition and stable growth. On the other hand, you should look at functionality. The more the exchange is tailored to your needs, the better.

On the Polish market, many people praise EGERA. All this because of functions such as BLIK deposits. 24/7 booking of deposits and settlement of zloty withdrawals and great, always willing to help support. For many cryptocurrency investors, it is extremely important also that EGERA is a Polish cryptocurrency exchange.

Is it better to trade fiat currencies or stable coins?

It all depends on your preferences. Remember that when trading with stable coins, you have to trust their issuers that they have full coverage of issued tokens. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the cash equivalent is not a strong point of projects of this type. based on zlotys, as an investor, you can feel calm on EGERA. Your deposits and withdrawals are handled by a payment institution supervised by one of the strictest regulators.

Why do banks not give access to the cryptocurrency and forex markets?

Banks specialize in providing credit services. They do this by creating accounts for their clients, and then offering loans based on deposits. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC have not been of interest to banks so far. Some banks give investors access to cryptocurrency-based instruments. You can purchase ETF products using a brokerage account with the national currency. Remember, however, that ETFs are not cryptocurrencies, they are only derivatives, just like the so-called paper gold.