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What is the Bitcoin purchase process like

You can access bitcoin on all cryptocurrency exchanges. However, we recommend you do it on EGERA, the first cryptocurrency exchange platform with instant identity verification, access to Blik, and support for fast transfers 24/7.

Account creation

You can set up a free Egera account quickly, conveniently and safely. All you need is an email address and a mobile phone number. After creating an account, all you need to do is verify it to get an online cryptocurrency wallet and the fastest payment methods.

EGERA is the easiest access to the world of cryptocurrencies. We implement it in several ways:

  • Quick swap - a quick swap module unique on other cryptocurrency exchanges,
  • Trading panel - allows you to trade at a rate of your choice,
  • Futures cryptocurrency exchange - Allowing you to play on leverage,
  • Create your own EGERA debit card for payments in stores around the world.

Account verification

Identity verification is mandatory these days. At Egera, we have done everything to make it as short as possible. Our identity verification system uses artificial intelligence, so it only takes a minute to complete it. Simply upload a scan or photo of your ID card or passport followed by a face scan. That's it! You can now use EGERA.

Account top-up

If you have received information that your identity verification was successful, you can freely fund your EGERA account. You can do it in several ways, choosing the one that suits you best.

You can choose from:

  • Deposit via BLIK - you can make a quick payment by entering the 6-digit blik code and confirming it in your bank's mobile application.
  • Deposit from a bank account, including an Express Elixir transfer, which we support 24/7,
  • Card Deposit

Please note that you can only deposit bitcoins from a bank account that belongs to you. If an attempt to purchase bitcoins with funds not belonging to you is detected, the transfer will be returned to the sender.

How to buy bitcoin with deposited funds?

Once we have credited your PLN payment to your EGERA account, you will have several methods to choose from to buy bitcoin. These methods are adapted to people of all skill levels. Both novice investors and advanced traders will find themselves on our platform.

Quick Swap - more than a bitcoin exchange

A standard bitcoin exchange office is operated by the website manager. This means that the maximum exchange amount is predetermined and often limited. In the case of the Quick Swap module in EGERA, the situation is much simpler. The system adjusts the bitcoin sale offers of other companies on an ongoing basis Customers to your purchase inquiry. Your task is limited to accepting the terms of the exchange.

The unique thing about this solution is that it works for all combinations of cryptocurrency purchases. This means that you can freely buy bitcoin with litecoin even though the btc ltc pair does not exist and the transaction must be settled for more than one market.

Buying bitcoin in the quick swap model is therefore more than easy. All you have to do is

  • you will go to the buy/sell tab.
  • You will enter the exchange amount of any currency of your choice,
  • You will accept the proposed exchange terms
  • And that's it! You are exposed to the growth of the next cryptocurrency!

Exchange via cryptocurrency exchange

For fans of full control to trade cryptocurrencies, we recommend using the cryptocurrency exchange mode. In order to trade freely, you need to familiarize yourself with a few terms. First of all, we are talking about:


Orderbook is a place where you can find all offers to buy and sell bitcoin. Offers are divided into two groups here:

  • BID - stands for purchase offers.
  • ASK - stands for sale offer.

The mechanism of the exchange consists in combining btc and other cryptocurrency purchase and sale offers on specific markets. You can place offers yourself, which is a positive thing, or download offers from the market, which increases the spread. Your purchase and sale offers are always appear in the open offers section (Open orders) until another user uses them. Of course, any offer to buy or sell btc can be withdrawn, unless someone takes advantage of it.


Limit offer is a type of offer in which the sale of bitcoins or their purchase takes place at a rate strictly defined by you. You choose the amount of bitcoins you buy or sell in the open offers section. It will stay there until someone uses it or you delete it yourself.


If you want to buy or sell bitcoin quickly, you can use the Instant sale form. The bitcoin btc exchange will match the offers for you and offer you the value you will get in return. All you have to do is accept the terms of the bitcoin exchange.


A few more terms are needed in the trader's glossary. The most important of them are:

  • Spread - is expressed as a percentage. It means the difference between the extreme values of BID and ASK. The smaller it is, the more liquid the market is,
  • Hidden Order - means an offer in the orderbook, but hidden from other users

How much is bitcoin?

Buying bitcoin is always a lot of emotions. They grow even more when the bitcoin rate is growing rapidly. You can check the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the table below. Importantly, we have prepared a bitcoin course tab especially for you, thanks to which you trace the historical price of bitcoin and check other indicators.

Name Exchange rate Change 24h Change 7 days Market capitalization Buy

Cryptocurrency withdrawal

Polish law says that btc is not a means of payment. However, you can buy various goods with cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to withdraw btc to an external wallet address. If you value privacy, you can also withdraw bitcoin to your own cryptocurrency wallet. Remember however, that the bitcoin address is yours only when you have a private wallet key or so-called seed that allows you to regain access to funds.

create a free account

Create an account on the Egera cryptocurrency exchange and buy your first cryptocurrencies within 5 minutes!

Komputer z uruchomioną giełdą kryptowalut

Bitcoin purchase and security

The safety of buying bitcoin btc consists of several elements.

  • Financial license. The EGERA group has as many as two payment institutions. This allows us to accept payments 24/7 to a bank account and payments via blik.
  • License to support the VASP cryptocurrency market.

The elements listed above are unique on other cryptocurrency exchanges and significantly distinguish EGERA on the market. They ensure the safety of both the funds deposited into the bank account and the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Cryptocurrency exchange commissions

The commission when buying bitcoin in EGERA depends on the payment method and the method of the exchange itself.

  • The commission for a blik deposit or quick payment with a link is only 2%,
  • Payments by bank transfer are booked free of charge. Continuously 24/7
  • 2.8% in case of Quick Swap,
  • 0.5% if you use offers issued on the cryptocurrency market by other Users, the so-called Instant
  • 0.3% in case you set the 'Limit Order' yourself during the exchange,

Importantly, no fees are ever charged for storing bitcoins in the wallet.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2008 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. It became the first cryptocurrency to gain social recognition, and thus remains the most important instrument in the cryptocurrency market to this day.

At the core of the bitcoin network is anonymity coupled with transparency. This means that anyone can see any bitcoin wallet address and easily determine a user's balance. Bitcoin's success is also underpinned by the fact that it is still a major currency digital, for which you can buy any other cryptocurrency

This is despite the growing popularity of the so-called stable-coins, which thanks to their constant value against national currencies have gained recognition among traders. Bitcoin as the first blockchain network, despite its inefficiencies, will always remain for cryptocurrency market participants what gold is for people dealing with raw materials.

I want to buy bitcoin - what's next?

Bitcoin is a good investment only under certain assumptions. Among the most important are:

  • The current price of bitcoin is within your reach. Remember that you don't have to buy all of bitcoin at once - you can start buying cryptocurrencies with fractions. Please note that the current price of bitcoin may or may not be overvalued.
  • Buying cryptocurrencies only from a trusted source. Unfortunately, bitcoin, ethereum, like all other cryptocurrencies, can be used to finance terrorism. Therefore, it is important that the platform on which we buy cryptocurrencies performs identity verification.
  • Deposit cryptocurrencies to a secure wallet only. A trustworthy third-party bitcoin wallet is one where you are able to obtain a seed or private key.
  • Remember. This means that the cryptocurrency exchange is not responsible for your losses.
Mockup Panel Egera
Mockup Panel Egera
Mobile application

EGERA is not only a way to buy bitcoin on your computer, but also a convenient mobile application. Buy, sell and have access to your cryptocurrencies wherever you and your smartphone are.

EGERA - Your online cryptocurrency wallet

Buying bitcoin is just the beginning. A functional wallet is as important as a good exchange office or cryptocurrency exchange. EGERA is not only a website, it is also a mobile application that allows bitcoin payments wherever you need it.

All this thanks to the debit card function that you can activate in your user account. In just a few clicks, you can exchange bitcoin for euros and pay conveniently for whatever you want.

How to make money on cryptocurrency exchanges?

Regardless of whether you buy cryptocurrency through exchanges or a bitcoin exchange, the goal of every investment is profit. There are 3 popular strategies in the cryptocurrency market:

  • HODL - means constantly buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to accumulate the largest portfolio. The goal of this strategy is to sell bitcoins at a predetermined rate, or to keep part of your savings in cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading - it involves selling bitcoin at a higher rate than the buying rate. The whole process is repeated over and over again and the profits are reinvested.
  • Arbitration - is the most advanced. In this model, the purchase of bitcoins takes place on a more liquid exchange and the sale of cryptocurrency on a less liquid exchange. This activity is the more profitable the greater the difference in exchange rates between the markets. In arbitration, due to the transfer of cryptocurrencies between exchanges, attention should also be paid to the time of transferring the cryptocurrency, during which the bitcoin rate may change, and to the costs charged by the bitcoin network for such a transfer.

EGERA leader Customer Support

If you are just starting your adventure with cryptocurrencies, you can rest assured. Our platform is also designed for bitcoin novices. Our team will support you, and our blog will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to be an informed participant in the blockchain technology market.

BTC is an investment like any other. Unfortunately, it is a zero-sum game. For you to succeed, someone else must lose. To increase your chances of winning, follow these rules. They may not guarantee you success, but they will certainly save you from a significant loss.

Start with a financial cushion - To invest with peace of mind and not to make hasty decisions, invest funds that you can lose. Do not be overly optimistic. A financial cushion for at least 3 months is the basis of a good investor.

Investment horizon - when investing even the smallest amount of funds, you must assume the maximum investment time. You should answer the question When am I going to take profits or exit the investment with a loss.

Maximum investment amount - There's nothing worse than investing in bitcoin right off the bat. Life can be unpredictable and mean. When you need cash urgently, your wallet will probably be in a big downturn due to the market slump. Avoid it and only invest what you can lose.

Acceptable Loss - loss is part and parcel of investing. Not everyone can make money, and the free market is all about cash flowing from the weak hearted to the sharks. Assume at the outset the maximum amount you can afford to lose. This will help you avoid making nervous moves It can also be beneficial to assume that you have already recorded a 100% loss when investing in bitcoin - then the profits generated from the investment taste better, or at least you will never be disappointed.

Portfolio diversification - It is said that it is unwise to put eggs in one basket. The same is true in the world of cryptocurrencies. Investing only in cryptocurrencies is irrational, as is focusing on only one of them. has a basis in reality.

Investment Provision - Don't want to invest at the top of a speculative bubble? Then don't invest all your savings at once! Divide your capital into smaller amounts and invest gradually. This will allow you to average the purchase price and optimize your entire portfolio.

Set target profit - Do you know what happens at the top of a bull market? There is always a market crash. Therefore, at the very beginning, set yourself a price at which you take profits. Your inner voice will tell you that you can wait, because everything is growing. This is a mistake! Take profits at a certain level, or you can implement them gradually with specific thresholds.

Mockup Panel Egera
What makes us stand out? EGERA is everything you need in the cryptocurrency market. We have been providing you with the most complete Bitcoin exchange platform in Poland for over 5 years.
Instant purchase of Bitcoin QuickSwap,
Advanced stock panel,
BLIK deposits,
Instant deposits and withdrawals via Express Elixir bank transfer 24/7,
Affiliate program giving up to 0.84% of referral turnover!
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Frequently asked questions

BTC is a widely recognized ticker, i.e. the stock market abbreviation for the bitcoin currency. Every asset listed on the market has such an abbreviation. For example, ethereum has the ticker ETH. On some exchanges, the bitcoin ticker is XBT.


Bitcoin changes its price continuously. Its value has increased from fractions of a cent in 2009 to the present. Btc price, like any other asset, is influenced by demand. Bitcoin has a limited supply, so they have a demand to buy The bigger bitcoin is, the higher its price.


Definitely not. Bitcoin cash is a so-called bitcoin fork. This means that bitcoin cash bases its source code on the code of the original btc, although it is a completely separate blockchain from the bitcoin network. There are more bitcoin forks. The most popular are bitcoin gold and BTC SV,


Ethereum and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrencies. Their exchange rate does not have much dependence. Ethereum was created as a technology for creating so-called smart contracts. It is widely recognized that ethereum has more utility than bitcoin, but both of these cryptocurrencies have their enthusiasts Please remember that btc, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are assets like any other, and investing in them involves risk.


Nowadays, you can buy bitcoin in several ways. The most convenient and safest of them are cryptocurrency exchanges or a bitcoin exchange office. Particular attention should be paid to intermediaries collecting ID card scans. The verification process is characteristic of exchanges that operate legally.


There is an anecdote. When a taxi driver tells you 'buy bitcoin', it's a sign to flee the market. It usually applies. Cryptocurrencies are an interesting topic for the media when they go up. not only ordinary people, but also specialized funds. As bitcoin grows like crazy, they sell out their wallets to the enthusiastic crowd.

Bitcoin can be bought in parts. Bitcoins are divisible up to the eighth decimal place. Therefore, there is nothing to prevent you from buying a thousandth of a btc and buying it gradually when you consider that the bitcoin price is right. buy bitcoin according to your financial possibilities.


Both a bitcoin exchange and an exchange have their advantages. As a rule, an exchange allows for faster execution of transactions, and the process itself is much more intuitive. Exchanges, on the other hand, allow greater autonomy in determining the purchase or sale price. Buy bitcoin as it is for you most convenient. Remember that not only the distribution model matters, but also factors such as payment methods. There is nothing worse than a blocked account when paying with a credit card. Good exchanges, such as EGERA, also guarantee other payment methods, such as BLIK or instant bank transfers.

Mockup Panel Egera
Buy Bitcoin in 3 easy steps
Quick registration

We care about your comfort, during registration we collect only the minimum information that ensures maximum security for your wallet.

Quick verification

To buy bitcoin at EGERA, you do not have to wait long for verification. It will take less than a minute.

Fast transactions

Don't wait any longer for your bitcoins. Buy them immediately after verification using an instant deposit using the BLIK code, a quick link or an immediate 24/7 booked transfer.

create account

If you are determined to buy bitcoin, it is best to use the capital splitting method. It consists in paying for purchase transactions piecemeal. You may not buy bitcoin this way the cheapest, but you will not buy it at the top of the speculative bubble either. By splitting purchases bitcoins for individual transactions, you average the exchange rate. In most cases, especially when you make larger purchases, this is an effective method.


As you can see from the paragraphs above, buying bitcoin is not a problem. The real challenge comes when you want to store it. There are several options to choose from. Each has its pros and cons. you have to take on your own.

When you want to withdraw bitcoin, it is essential that you have an external BTC wallet address. There are several types of wallets to choose from:

  • Physical wallets - have one of the highest levels of security. The private key is stored on an encrypted device that you unlock with a PIN code, and the device is disconnected from the computer most of the time.
  • Software wallets - are computer programs or browser plug-ins. Their main advantage is the convenience of use. They are perfect for programmers who create the world of Web3 technology on a daily basis.
  • Online Wallets - these are characterized by the lowest degree of user control. We use them most often when trading on the stock exchange. They are most often used to buy bitcoin, because they are directly or indirectly managed by squint bitcoin exchange or exchange.

This question is difficult. Remember that no one is responsible for your investment choices. It is important that you start your investing adventure with a well-established cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy bitcoin, ethereum and stable coin. Stable coin will allow you to store value and be ready for investment opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies are a financial instrument like any other. Over the last 15 years, they have experienced a massive increase in popularity and thus in valuation. However, keep in mind that transactions carried out on the bitcoin market can be unprofitable. Remember to always make careful decisions about investing You can make payments for bitcoins in less than 5 minutes these days, but you can lose your savings just as quickly by investing in an untrustworthy cryptocurrency.

The simplest exchange platform

EGERA is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, it is also the first QuickSwap overlay, enabling quick and convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, XRP and others in a few clicks.

Great support

What distinguishes us is a professional and helpful customer support department working in Polish. Thanks to this, no technical question will be left unanswered and you will be able to feel safe.

Use the Platform recommended for starters! Buy your first bitcoins! bg cta

Under the law in force in the European Union, no bitcoin exchange or exchange office is obliged to provide tax authorities with information about their clients' transactions. However, this does not change the fact that bitcoin is subject to taxation in the event of a profit. for cryptocurrencies, we recommend contacting a specialized accounting office.


EGERA has a qualified team of specialists and all the necessary licenses and permits needed to operate as a bitcoin exchange and exchange office. We make sure that your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are safe around the clock. Over 95% of them are on so-called cold wallets. This means that they are permanently disconnected from the Internet, which practically minimizes the risk of their loss to zero.


At the moment, it is virtually impossible to buy bitcoin anonymously over the internet. Every legitimate platform verifies its customers. Buying bitcoin on exchanges without verification is dangerous, because then no one has any idea where the bitcoins come from. anonymous way are local bitcoin platforms, where the settlement of the transaction takes place face to face between the buyer and the seller, and the form of payment is usually cash.

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