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Frequently asked questions

What cryptocurrencies can I find at Kantor Egera?

Egera is not only a Bitcoin exchange, in pairs with local FIAT currencies you will also find ETH, DOGE, XRP, BCH, LTC and many more!

How to buy cryptocurrencies at Egera exchange office?

Exchanging cryptocurrencies is as simple as morning shopping. While morning shopping means going to a shop that's more like stationary cryptocurrency exchanges, on Egera you can fund your cryptocurrency wallet remotely - online.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on Egera?

  • Sign up for Egera;
  • Verify your identity;
  • Fund your account on the platform;
  • In the box on the Panel, enter how much money you want to exchange for cryptocurrencies;
  • Press exchange - cryptocurrencies are already in your wallet!

How do I deposit funds into Egera?

The Egera cryptocurrency exchange provides you with a whole range of deposit methods. You will fund your account with both cryptocurrencies available on the platform and local FIAT currencies.

The most popular ways are traditional and express bank transfer, which are posted to the platform almost immediately after sending. Users love these methods because of the lowest commissions on deposits.

Equally popular ways are deposits with bank cards and BLIK code, which simplify the deposit process to a minimum.

How do I deposit FIAT currencies into Egera?

  • Register or log in to Egera;
  • Go to the Panel;
  • Go to the deposit tab;
  • Select the method of payment;
  • Follow the instructions and data on the page.

How to deposit cryptocurrencies on Egera?

  • Register or log in to Egera;
  • Go to the Panel;
  • Go to the deposit tab;
  • Select the method of payment;
  • Generate a wallet address for the cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin wallet address);
  • Follow the instructions and data on the page.

How do I withdraw funds from Egera?

Withdrawing is as easy as depositing. Withdrawals directly to a bank account are available as well as cash withdrawals - which can be made at any ATM supported by SkyCash.

How do I withdraw funds from Egera to my bank account?

  • Log on to Egera;
  • Go to the Panel;
  • Go to the withdrawal tab;
  • Select the method of withdrawal;
  • Fill in the boxes;
  • Check that the data is correct;
  • Send funds by pressing send transfer.

How do I withdraw funds from Egera in cash?

  • Log on to Egera;
  • Go to the Panel;
  • Go to the withdrawal tab;
  • Choose how you would like to withdraw at an ATM;
  • Check the phone number and enter the amount you wish to withdraw;
  • Click on make a withdrawal;
  • Your phone will receive an SMS with a withdrawal code that is valid for 48 hours;
  • Find an ATM that supports SkyCash and withdraw funds!

Do I need to verify my identity to buy cryptocurrencies?

According to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Act introduced on 1 March 2018 and amended on 30 March 2021, we are required to implement a KYC process, part of which is the verification of users' identities, before providing you with the opportunity to buy or sell Bitcoin.

Without verifying your identity, you will not be able to buy and sell Bitcoin.

We know that such procedures can be cumbersome. That's why we've decided to shorten the process to a minimum, with an advanced and automated process where you verify your identity in less than 1 minute!

How do I verify my identity on Egera?

Verification on Egera is an instant process. Have your ID or passport, or photos of these documents ready before you begin. The easiest way to verify is to use your phone to scan both your face and your documents.

How to pass the verification process in record time?

  • Prepare photos of your identity card or passport;<
  • Go to the verification tab and fill in the form;
  • Upload scans of the document;
  • Use the front camera to scan your face;
  • Your account has been verified!

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that has managed to break into the mainstream and gather around it a dedicated community that has used it for the purpose intended by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin's launch, the digging of the zero block, took place in 2009 - but work on the cryptocurrency had been going on since 2008.

The idea behind cryptocurrency was to move means of payment into the digital world, but the premise of Bitcoin didn't end there - it was ultimately a direct response to the financial crisis of an overvalued market and overly greedy banks.

How does bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a means of payment, a digital currency. In the Bitcoin network, the user is anonymous - transactions take place between wallets that are only identified by an alphanumeric string. Users can complete transactions without revealing their identity, but when they decide to exchange Bitcoin for FIAT currencies like PLN, USD or EUR - they come out of the shadows - but only in the face of the exchange or exchange operator, for the rest of the network the user remains unknown.

Satoshi's currency runs on Blockchain technology, which resembles a bank's register - each block in the chain contains transaction information - wallet addresses, public keys, times and amounts. The registry is completely decentralised, held by multiple independent nodes that must confirm new blocks before adding them to the chain.

Thanks to its decentralised blockchain technology, Bitcoin is immune to hacking attacks. The only way to attack Bitcoin networks, is to take over 51% of the computing power present on the network, which would give the attacker the ability to double spend, stop block mining and even reverse transactions.

Bitcoin wallet

Cryptocurrencies are not gold or traditional money - you don't store them in physical form - you need a virtual wallet!

Cryptocurrency wallets are completely unusual, but you won't even find... cryptocurrencies.

Wallets are the intermediary, between the user and the cryptocurrency network, you will find the wallet address, public and private key.

The private key is the most important - it indicates ownership of the funds - so it is very important to keep it secure. No one else must know it - otherwise the funds will be in danger.

For this reason, even when you transfer funds and the transaction information goes online, your private key is not leaked, only your public key, which is generated from your private key and address. Bitcoin provides maximum security for its users' funds, but this is just one of many ways to secure cryptocurrency - and there are several thousand projects.

There are two categories of cryptocurrency wallets - cold and hot. The former - icy cold wallets - are usually hardware wallets that are connected to the network by the user, only when the user wants to perform transactions.

The second category - hot wallets - are wallets divided into mobile, web, desktop. This type of wallet remains online, which makes it more vulnerable to potential attacks. Desktop and mobile wallets can be further divided into two types, lightweight and full wallets, a division based on the synchronisation of blocks in the device's memory.

Lightweight wallets are... lightweight. They do not store the entire blockchain network in memory, but only connect to external servers that hold such information. Full wallets, on the other hand, synchronise all the blocks in memory.

Full wallets are not recommended for new users, being heavy and unintuitive. A full Bitcoin wallet - Bitcoin Core - can weigh up to 400 GB after syncing the Bitcoin network! The long sync time and huge weight help draw out one piece of advice - don't create a full wallet if you don't need to.

How does a bitcoin exchange work?

Online cantors allow you to buy bitcoins directly from the cantor operator rather than from the user, as happens on a cryptocurrency exchange. Buying bitcoins at an exchange office is very simple - it requires paying funds, specifying how much of those funds you want to exchange, and then you exchange the funds.

The online exchange office charges the user a commission and adds a spread to the price of the cryptocurrency, which increases the price by a few percent, while providing an instant exchange. How much bitcoin costs at an exchange office is always available at the exchange window or on the operator's website. Spreads and commissions can be found in both online and physical locations.

Unlike in the forex market, you can invest safely at a cantor - by verifying the legality of the cantor operator, for example by verifying its licence, which has been issued by the local financial supervisor.

Cryptocurrencies are legal! More and more countries are accepting cryptocurrencies and regulating these assets in local law. The most interesting example of adaptation is El Salvador, which has been using Bitcoin as official means of payment since 2021.

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