Commissions and fees at Egera - an exchange platform and free cryptocurrency wallet

As a user-friendly platform, Egera does not charge commissions or fees for storing cryptocurrencies. The commission is charged to the user when depositing, withdrawing, exchanging cryptocurrencies and placing bids on the Egera exchange.

FIAT currency deposits

Egera does not charge commissions on payments in PLN, EUR, GBP and USD made using the SEPA and SWIFT methods. No fees are charged also in case of ELIXIR and EXPRESS methods available only for PLN currency.

The minimum transaction size for the above methods is 1.00 PLN, 1.00 EUR, 1.00 GBP and 1.00 USD. Processing time for each method is usually 5 minutes, which can be extended to 3 days in extreme cases (only for GBP and USD).

Bank card is the fastest way to deposit funds into your Egera account. The transaction is posted within 15 seconds and the commission is only 2 PLN + 3% of the deposited amount. The minimum deposit is 10 PLN and the maximum is 3,500.00 PLN.

Commissions of cryptocurrency exchanges and bureaux de change

Until April 8, 2022, cryptocurrency exchange Egera does not charge a Making commission and the exchange's Taking commission is 0.3%. After April 8, 2022, Egera will charge a Making commission of 0.3% and a Taking commission of 0.5%. The Cantor (fast exchange) commission is 2.8%.

Cryptocurrency deposits

When depositing BTC and LTC, you won't encounter a commission either. The processing time for a cryptocurrency deposit is as long as the confirmation - and we only require three.

Currency Method Commission Minimum Maximum Lead time
PLN InterPay (Pay-By-Link) 2.00 % 50.00 PLN 3,500.00 PLN 30 sekund
PLN BLIK 2.00 % 50.00 PLN 3,500.00 PLN 15 sekund
EUR SEPA/SWIFT 0.00 EUR 1.00 EUR ∞ EUR 5min - 1d
GBP SWIFT 0.00 GBP 1.00 GBP ∞ GBP 5min - 3d
USD SWIFT 0.00 USD 1.00 USD ∞ USD 5min - 3d
BTC Standard 0.00 BTC 0.00 BTC ∞ BTC 3 potwierdzenia
LTC Standard 0.00 LTC 0.00 LTC ∞ LTC 3 potwierdzenia

FIAT currency withdrawals

With Egera you can withdraw PLN using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines). The minimum transaction amount is 50.00 PLN and the maximum is 1000.00 PLN. The transaction fee for this method is always 10.00 PLN. The most popular withdrawal methods are EXPRESS and ELIXIR, for which the minimum transaction size is always PLN 20.00. Only the EXPRESS method has a limitation on the amount you can withdraw, with which you can withdraw a maximum of PLN 100,000.00 at a time. The EXPRESS method takes just 15 minutes, while the ELIXIR session takes up to one day. The fee for withdrawals using these methods is PLN 10.00 for EXPRESS and PLN 1.00 for ELIXIR.

The SORBNET method is also available for EUR and PLN, where the minimum withdrawal amount is 50.00 PLN and 10.00 EUR. The maximum posting time for these methods is 3 days and the commission is 30.00 PLN and 5.00 EUR respectively.

You can also withdraw Euro by SEPA transfer, which we book within one day at the most. The minimum transaction value is EUR 10.00 and the commission is EUR 2.50.

Withdrawals of British Pounds are available via the UK method with a maximum posting time of 3 days. The fee is GBP 6.00 with a minimum withdrawal amount of GBP 20.00.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals

You can withdraw BTC and LTC via the standard network. The transaction size cannot be less than the transaction fees (miners fee) and the commission, so the minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC and 0.02 LTC. The commission covers all fees related to the transfer of cryptocurrencies between wallets and is 0.0005 BTC or 0.01 LTC.

Currency Method Commission Minimum Maximum Posting time
PLN EXPRESS 10.00 PLN 20.00 PLN 100,000.00 PLN 15 min
PLN ELIXIR 1.00 PLN 20.00 PLN ∞ PLN Sesja elixir (do 1 dnia)
PLN ATM 10.00 PLN 50.00 PLN 1,000.00 PLN 3d
PLN SORBNET 30.00 PLN 50.00 PLN 1,000.00 PLN 3d
EUR SEPA 2.50 EUR 10.00 EUR ∞ EUR 1d
EUR SORBNET 5.00 EUR 10.00 EUR ∞ EUR 3d
GBP UK 6.00 GBP 20.00 GBP ∞ GBP 3d
BTC Sieć 0.0005* BTC 0.002 BTC ∞ BTC 30m
LTC Sieć 0.01* LTC 0.02 LTC ∞ LTC 30m