How to buy Bitcoin for PLN? Step by step guide!

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How to buy bitcoin for PLN, where to buy bitcoin for PLN? These questions have been at the top of the list of the most frequently entered phrases in search engines for years. Since 2008, when bitcoin saw the light of day, there have been a lot of options for its purchase. One of the most universal is EGERA. Check how to do it in 2024!

Exchange office or stock exchange?

For over 5 years you no longer have to choose. In 2019, the Polish cryptocurrency exchange platform EGERA was established. Thanks to an innovative, ahead of its time approach, our platform is tailored to the needs of all market participants.

How to buy bitcoin for PLN in 2024. Step by step instructions.

1. Register an account

The first step is to create an account. Go to registration panel and fill out the form. All you need to do is provide your e-mail address and password. After accepting the regulations, simply click create an account.

Now go to your email box and click on the authorization link. Enter your phone number, enter the code you received in an SMS from Eger and confirm. That's it! Your account is set up!

register page

2. Verify your account

Identity verification is required for full access to all platform features. Don't worry, the process is quick and safe. Simply send a scan or photos of your ID card or passport and a face scan. You will receive information about successful account verification via e-mail and SMS. The entire process should take just a few minutes.

3. Make a deposit

Egera is a unique platform in many areas. One of them is the multitude of methods you can use to fund your account. Check which one is most convenient for you.

Buy bitcoin for PLN with BLIK

Only at EGERA you can make a quick and convenient BLIK deposit. To do this, go to the top-up tab and then select BLIK. Enter the amount, enter the code, authorize the payment in your bank's application. The funds from the BLIK deposit will appear in your account immediately.

Buy cryptocurrencies with a quick link

You don't like BLIK? Nothing is lost! At Egera, you can use a quick transfer using a link that will safely redirect you to your bank's website and automatically fill out the transfer form. All you need to do is log in to your bank account and approve the transfer.

Buy bitcoin with express elixir instant bank transfer

What distinguishes our platform is its own bank account with 24/7 transfer support. Regardless of the time of day or day of the year, you can freely transfer funds to your EGERA account. Traditional transfers are booked in Elixir sessions, and Express Elixir instant transfers are booked 24/7, also on holidays and weekends!

4. Complete the transaction at your convenience

You already have funds in your EGERA account. We have put at your disposal two methods of purchasing bitcoin for PLN.

Why is QuickSwap better than a traditional currency exchange office?

The quick exchange module in EGERA, unlike a traditional cryptocurrency exchange office, is only an overlay on the exchange module. This means that the exchange rate is usually much more favorable than at an exchange office. This is due to the fact that offers on the exchange are issued by our community of traders, and are not set arbitrarily as in traditional exchange offices.

quick swap

Thanks to this, transactions in QuickSwap are not only fast, but also relatively cheap. Thanks to the quick exchange module, you do not need to know how to issue offers, use charts and other complicated switches. You simply confirm the offer and the exchange happens by itself.

Buy Buy Bitcoin for PLN

Cryptocurrency exchange

If you are an advanced user of the cryptocurrency market, or you just like adventure, go straight to the trading panel. Using it, you can both post offers to the market and download them immediately by exchanging them.

Trade on your own terms - Limit order

Each user of our platform can independently set the rate at which he or she will buy or sell a given cryptocurrency. To do this, select the Limit option in the right part of the trading panel and then fill out the form. After selecting the transaction amount and rate, it will be automatically added to the orderbook after clicking the place order button.

You can set the offer limit at any level. Remember, however, that if the market is in a sideways trend and you place an offer at a price that is far from the last trade, you may have to wait a long time for its implementation. If you want your offer to be quickly accepted by another user, place the offer close to the edge of the orderbook to increase your chances of its quick implementation.

exchange page

Don't waste time - instant method

If you don't have much time or there is too much going on on the market, we have prepared the Instant method for you. You use it to 'download' offers from the market that someone has posted using the limit method described above. Just enter the amount and our platform will match the best offers so that you receive as much as possible as a result of the exchange.

Buy Buy bitcoin on the Polish cryptocurrency exchange!

Can I buy bitcoin for PLN anonymously on EGERA?

We get this question very often. Therefore, we have met the needs of our users. From October 2023, we also focused on bitomaty. Using them, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies up to PLN 4,500 completely anonymously.

How does the EGERA bitomat work?

In our team, we value comfort and minimalism. To make a purchase at an eger bitcoin ATM, all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet. It can be both a wallet on our exchange, but also an external wallet such as Ledger, Trezor, Metamask, Exodus or another.

bitomat egera

The whole process is very fast. Approach the bitcoin machine, select the option to purchase the selected cryptocurrency, scan the wallet's QR code or enter it, and then insert the banknotes in the marked place. After everything, collect your transaction receipt. Depending on the selected cryptocurrency, the funds will be transferred to your wallet within a few or several dozen minutes.

How to become a bitcoin trader?

Trading may or may not be profitable. Traders play a very useful role in providing offers in many markets. It is thanks to traders that you can freely make transactions in QuickSwap and the instant method. The goal of traders is to buy cryptocurrencies as cheaply as possible and resell them for a profit.

Traders bear considerable risk resulting from price volatility. You can compare them to traditional traders who buy a given product in order to sell it for a profit after some time. Of course, there are as many methods of trading as there are traders. The most advanced of them use several exchanges in the entire process, buying cryptocurrencies at a better rate on exchanges with greater liquidity, selling them on those with fewer offers.

Buy Trade with EGERA

Bitcoin - do I really need it?

Bitcoin is an asset like any other. Its enthusiasts compare it to digital gold, which, thanks to its limited supply, can only increase in value. Remember, however, that investing in bitcoin, like any other financial instrument, involves risk.

The fact is that bitcoin has grown hundreds of thousands of percent since its inception. Bitcoin is also characterized by cyclical price volatility. Before making a purchase decision, check whether it is a good time. Remember that investments are only safe when you invest funds that you can lose.

What can I use bitcoin for?

Bitcoin is the progenitor of all other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, it is also the most recognizable of them. Until recently, most altcoin markets were based on bitcoin. Currently, this role is increasingly fulfilled by the so-called stablecoins. However, this does not change the fact that bitcoin is still in price, just like the US dollar on the traditional currency market.

You can buy almost anything with bitcoin. Its adoption in the traditional market is still progressing. This means that nowadays it is possible to buy a car, a house or other material things with bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin better than other cryptocurrencies?

In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to choose the best one. Since the very beginning of this market, bitcoin has been the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. This means that it has the greatest trust of the community, which invests the vast majority of its funds in it.

Technologically, bitcoin has not been developed. It is in vain to look for scalability and many functions typical of new cryptocurrencies. Perhaps this is why bitcoin is the only one that reaches traditional investors who build their exposure to the market through bitcoin.

Is bitcoin safe?

Since the Bitcoin blockchain was launched in 2008, no errors have been encountered in its structure. For over 15 years, Bitcoin has been a source of continuous value that has never been technically challenged. You may wonder whether bitcoin as an investment is safe and whether it will bring profits. The same question can be asked of any other asset in the market. However, from a technological perspective, bitcoin seems to have no disadvantages.

The way they are stored has a significant impact on the safety of funds. Remember that the wallet should be provided by a trusted provider, and the safest wallets are those for which you can create a recovery seed.

Is it worth investing in bitcoin?

There is no simple answer to this question. Buying bitcoin for PLN is always associated with great emotions. Regardless of whether you are buying your first cryptocurrencies or you have been on the market for a long time, there are always plenty of opportunities ahead of you. Trading? Hodling? Permanent and cyclical expansion of the portfolio? You can do all this in EGERA!

Buy Buy bitcoin at EGERA

Start your trading journey right here!

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