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How and where to buy bitcoin for zlotys? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by new crypto-investors. Take your first steps on the cryptocurrency market with us - read the guide and learn how to invest in Bitcoin easily, quickly and safely. In the text you will find graphics from the cryptocurrency exchange platform, so that you will be confident with every step you take.

Everything you should know about Bitcoin (BTC) before buying.

Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency available on the market, but it is not its age that attracts hundreds of thousands of new investors every month. Bitcoin's uniqueness comes from its growing adaptation - both in personal finance and in building sophisticated tools for institutional investors.

However, this is not what Bitcoin was created for, in its creator's intention, Bitcoin was to become an alternative to banks - a decentralised transaction system where there is no overarching authority and the supply of currency is strictly fixed.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 as a response to the financial crisis raging since 2007.

Decentralisation was key. The system created does not include central authorities, or users with more power than other users. In the Bitcoin network, everyone is equal.

However, moving away from the chief transaction verifier was problematic - the system should be fair in itself. This is why, on the Bitcoin network, transactions are verified by other users. During verification, the affiliation of funds and the ability to dispose of them is validated, preventing the problem of double spending.

The nodes that approve transactions do not have the ability to undo or stop a compliant transaction, which is a huge reason for many investors to buy Bitcoin.

Who created bitcoin?

Nobody knows who created Bitcoin. It is one of the undiscovered pages of modern history. All we know about the creator is that he used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto on a forum - that's it. Satoshi can be a person or a group of people.

There are many theories as to who Satoshi was, he has been linked to developers, investors, economists and even identified with the creator of Silk Road, but none of the people typed (or those singled out by the crypto community) have been able to unlock the BTC creator's wallet, which would confirm suspicions about the identity.

Where to store bitcoin?

The issue of storing cryptocurrencies is a bit more exotic than hiding savings in a sock, or even gold in a safe or an adit.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a popular method of storage, which allow for quick exchanges, but at the same time are not very secure. In the crypto community the saying goes - Not your keys, not your cryptocurrencies, and by holding Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange you will not be given a private key, meaning your funds will only be moderately secure.

Cryptocurrencies have their wallets!

Wallets where you can store cryptocurrencies are abstract and not very much like a bank account. Among other things, because you won't find funds on them. Yes - there are no cryptocurrencies in cryptocurrency wallets.

Wallets are intermediaries, allowing access to funds.

What does such a wallet contain?

  • Address
  • Public key
  • Private key.

Wallets are a very broad topic, so I invite you to an article in which you will learn everything you need to know - even that part of the private key (which represents ownership and should be kept secret) is the address of the wallet (which is completely public).

There's something else you need to know - what types of wallets there are.

The basic division distinguishes between Hot (hot) and Cold (cold) wallets, and this is a distinction based on network connection. Hot wallets are constantly online, making them more vulnerable to attacks, while Cold wallets are online at the user's will, making them extremely secure.

However, this is not the end of the story! Wallets can be divided even further.

Cold wallets are hardware wallets, but hot wallets?

Hot wallets can be wallets in the form of a mobile app, cryptocurrency exchange, desktop app or even as a browser plugin. Be sure to check out the aforementioned article to learn more about wallets and secure storage.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Thanks to blockchain technology and the use of the SHA-256 mixing algorithm, Bitcoin is incredibly well secured. Transactions in Bitcoin are safer, faster and cheaper compared to transfers made using classic cash accounts.

Securing funds is the user's job, which is why it is said in the crypto community that funds are only as safe as the owner themselves. Bitcoin is all about the user - this is where the statement that everyone on the network is their own bank originated.

No one is able to steal your funds from your cryptocurrency wallet. This is only possible if you leak your wallet data yourself.

Speaking of security, we stress that we do not recommend storing significant amounts on exchanges, including cryptocurrency exchanges. Transfer your Bitcoins purchases to an external wallet over which you have full control!

Where to buy bitcoin fast, cheap and safe?

Buying Bitcoin can be accomplished in a number of ways - after all, there are fixed exchange offices, Bitmats, trading with individuals.... The most convenient are cryptocurrency exchanges and bureaux de change, through which you will purchase cryptocurrencies online.

Before buying cryptocurrencies is possible, at every cryptocurrency exchange and exchange you will be required to register an account and then verify your identity.

On Eger, the registration process is instant - it takes you just one minute! And account verification? That seems more problematic, but on Eger we use artificial intelligence so that verification takes an average of one and a half minutes and the final decision comes in 10 minutes at most.

Once your account is verified you can trade cryptocurrencies, you can buy Bitcoin and any other available cryptocurrency.

Egera cryptocurrency exchange

Egera is a complete cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem. Part of it is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade at a very favourable commission. The exchange is intuitive, easy to use and trades are executed instantly.

What distinguishes an exchange from a bureau de change?

You can buy virtual currencies in two ways - either directly (market taker) or indirectly, by placing an offer (market maker). In your offer, you can securely set the quantity and price at which you wish to transact.

Your own price quotes are the main feature of the exchange - in an exchange, you trade with the exchange operator, which means that when you buy or sell BTC, the price is top-down and as a user you cannot place your own bid.

You can safely buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies at the exchange office.

How to buy BTC for PLN in Eger exchange office step by step.

I assume you already have an account on our platform, so I will completely skip the registration and identity verification process. Let me comfort you, it takes no more than 3 minutes to set up an account - after this short time your account will be ready to trade cryptocurrencies!

Step 1 - Deposit funds on the platform

Go to the deposit subpage, which you will find on the main panel.

How to deposit?

There are many ways to deposit - you can deposit by credit card, bank transfer and automated PBL payments - your favourite payment methods at your fingertips.

This is how the basic deposit dashboard looks like. It is as simple and intuitive as possible, so that buying Bitcoin is always just a few minutes away!

Please note that payment card deposits require you to enter your address in advance.

Step 2 - Use a bitcoin exchange and buy your first cryptocurrencies!

Now enter the amount you want to buy Bitcoin for and press the make exchange button and we'll process your BTC purchase in a second!

That's it - that's all it takes to buy Bitcoin. The exchange will be just as easy when you decide to buy other cryptocurrencies as well.

How to Buy BTC on Egera cryptocurrency exchange step by step.

Buying Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange is as easy as at a currency exchange. I show and explain!

Step 1 - Deposit funds

This procedure remains the same, before going to the exchange tab, fund your account.

Step 2 - Go to the cryptocurrency exchange

Expand the menu on the panel and click on Trading Version.

Step 3 - Issue a buy order on a cryptocurrency exchange

Are you on the exchange? Now you can buy Bitcoin in a more advanced way - by placing an order.

The easiest recipe for buying on the exchange? Choose the instant option, which will give you an offer at the market price, enter how much you want to trade for and press Place Buy Order. With the Instant option your order will be executed immediately.

How to sell BTC step by step?

Selling Bitcoin is done in the same way as buying it. What do you need to do?

Step 1 - Invert pairs in the converter

Step 2 - Make the exchange!

It only takes one click to change your position and thus turn your Bitcoin buying operation into its selling one. Specify how much BTC you want to sell, press the button and make the exchange!

How do I cash out after selling Bitcoin (BTC)?

Remember how you went to the deposit tab on the panel? Go back to the panel and select the next tab - Withdraw.

How would you like to withdraw funds? By transfer to a bank account or perhaps in cash at an ATM?

Fill in the fields and have it transferred. This is all it takes to make a traditional withdrawal, to your bank account.

Withdrawal from a cryptocurrency exchange at an ATM

With Egera you withdraw your funds in cash - at an ATM. Enter your telephone number and specify the amount of withdrawal. Within a minute, a message with a code will be sent to the indicated telephone number, which will enable the withdrawal of funds at an ATM.

Every ATM?

No - only available at ATMs that support SkyCash withdrawals.

How to use bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is primarily a transaction currency, at least that was the intention of its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Current BTC is used primarily as a SoV (Store of Value), a means to store purchasing power over time. Just like gold!

Surprisingly, there are many Bitcoins on the cryptocurrency market - Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision or Bitcoin Cash. However, only one of these is a true Bitcoin - only Bitcoin (BTC) has the properties that have made it loved by millions of investors around the world.

Is it worth investing in BTC?

The cryptocurrency market is very dynamic. Every year, the number of cryptocurrency user-investors doubles, and the overall capitalisation, adoption and number of projects on the market also increases.

Cryptocurrencies are a true revolution, and Bitcoin is the true leader of this revolution. Its huge community and unusual structure make BTC seen by investors as the only true and future-proof cryptocurrency. This view is called Bitcoin Maximalism and is very popular among members of the crypto community.

Is bitcoin worth investing in? By how much more can it increase its value? You'll have to find your own answer to these and similar questions.

A fundamental analysis of Bitcoin will help in the search for general answers; for moments to buy, see the article on technical analysis of cryptocurrencies.

Alternative ways to buy BTC.

An online cryptocurrency exchange and bureau is by far the most convenient and secure way to buy Bitcoin. Alternatives include land-based exchange offices, Bitomates and buying from cryptocurrency holders, but each of these ways is more problematic than a few clicks on the Eger platform.

How do you buy bitcoin? On an exchange or in an exchange office?

The most popular and best available solutions to buy bitcoin for zlotys are bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin exchange. A bitcoin exchange differs from a stock exchange in the way it is operated. While in case of an exchange the owner decides about the bitcoin rate, in case of an exchange it is only an intermediary and manager, because cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are bought from other users at a rate set by them. If we care about long-term bitcoin trading, then an exchange will be more beneficial for us, but if we are just starting our adventure with cryptocurrency, then a cryptocurrency exchange will be safer. In the case of an exchange, registration and identity verification are necessary.

How to buy Bitcoin safely?

Wondering how to safely buy Bitcoin for Polish zloty? Use Egera! It is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides instant verification of data - in just a few minutes, as well as security of funds and fast withdrawals of earned money. Feel free to contact us - our experts are at your disposal and will answer all your questions.

Start your trading journey right here!

...or just keep calculating prices


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