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Egera is also a Litecoin exchange. Through us, you can buy and sell bitcoin and litecoin cryptocurrencies, and you will be able to safely store your funds on external wallets. How does our platform work and why should you use it for online cryptocurrency exchange?

Litecoin exchange - fast and anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies

The Litecoin exchange enables the purchase and exchange of bitcoins. In the case of the exchange, the exchange takes place with other users at the price and rate set by a specific person. The litecoin exchange, in turn, enables the exchange at the rate set in advance by the owner. Litecoin exchange does not require registration, but guarantees anonymity and will work well for less experienced users who want to start their adventure with cryptocurrencies and do not have time to learn about the stock exchange and how it works.

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Egera - a combination of the stock exchange and Litecoin exchange

Egera is a platform that combines the advantages presented by the exchange and Litecoin exchange. After registration, which takes only a few minutes, the user can buy and sell cryptocurrencies (including litecoin and bitcoin) from other users. Funds are kept in secure vaults around the world, mostly offline. Moreover, the platform offers access to the current cryptocurrency rate, as well as ongoing support. Feel free to use our services and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

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