Manipulations on BTC markets

Learn more about manipulation in the Bitcoin markets. Read about volume and rate manipulation.

Volume manipulation

According to reports and investigations by newspapers such as Wall Street Jurnal, more than 67% of trading on stock exchanges may be illusory, some sources are even more skeptical and the Bitwise report mentions up to 90% of 'Volume washing' or public orders that have never taken place on any exchange. Most of this type of volume washing takes place on unregulated exchanges that want to build their competitiveness on this type of tactics that very often work. Gavin Brown in an interview with Frobes, Lecturer in Financial Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Manipulation of sentiment

Less experienced investors very often react emotionally to all kinds of news from the world about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, basing their investment strategy on the current sentiment towards the market. In the era of digital freedom of speech, a large proportion of messages that appear are unverified or very often deliberately their meaning is exalted or even opposite to the actual state. Some messages are muffled and some are intentionally publicized. This type of strategy is adopted by the main media, which are able to direct the sentiment of the market without significant political and economic changes.

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