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Instant billing and professional charts.

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Instant billing

Deposit and withdraw funds 24/7 up to 15 minutes to and from your bank account.

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Advanced charts

We provide professional charts such as Bars, Candels, Hollow Candles, Heikin Ashi etc. and thousands of indicators.

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Depth chart

For your convenience, we provide an interactive market depth chart and super-fast web-socket systems.

Security of your funds

At Egera, the safety of your funds is our priority.


95% of funds are kept offline

Funds are held in many vaults around the world.


Insurance up to $ 100M

Funds in online wallets are insured up to this amount.


Best practices

Over 8 years of experience in creating financial systems.

Advanced stock exchange solutions

The Egera cryptocurrency exchange will provide all the tools you need, wherever you need them.


Advanced post-only, hidden order, limit and market orders.

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Websocket system

System of immediate notifications about changes on the market and account.

Dedicated mobile application

Full-featured cryptocurrency exchange compatible with iOS and Android.

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Depth chart

Clear visualisation of the order book.

Intuitive search system

Invest quickly and confidently with an optimised search system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are places where cryptocurrencies are exchanged between users. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, exchanges on exchanges do not take place with an operator - hence the ability to place your own offer on the exchange, in which in addition to the amount, the user can specify the price to sell or buy cryptocurrency.

The exchanges seemingly only offer to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies - from the most basic ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, to the less popular ones like Shiba and Phantom.

However, these are not the only possibilities of exchanges, platforms also offer loans in cryptocurrencies, derivatives based on cryptocurrencies (long and short positions) and leverage. The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are Coinbase, Binance and, but the leader of Polish exchanges is Egera, which is growing more and more rapidly on its home market.

How does a cryptocurrency exchange work?

The operation of a cryptocurrency exchange is strictly based on the users who use it. It can even be said that there are no cryptocurrency exchanges without users. Trading takes place between users, unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, where only one party is required to trade cryptocurrencies - the rest is taken care of by the operator, who is also responsible for setting the buy and sell rate, to which he adds a spread.

Cryptocurrency exchanges do not add a spread to the price of the cryptocurrencies present on them, the price is set by the users, or to be more precise, as a result of supply and demand.

The cryptocurrency exchange market allows you to place your own bids - with your own price - and in different configurations: limit, market and hidden. Depending on the chosen sell or buy option, this is how your offer will be executed.

The advantage of the exchanges over the currency exchange is also the stop loss protection mechanism, which prevents losses greater than those declared in the position settings of the exchange.

Are cryptocurrency exchanges safe?

Not all cryptocurrency exchanges are safe, the cryptocurrency community has already witnessed numerous exchange collapses. The first top cryptocurrency exchange - MT GOX - collapsed, leaving its users with a lot of unpleasantness.

However, there are more examples and we can find them even in our local backyard. In 2019, the Polish company Bitmarket collapsed, alienating numerous users from cryptocurrency trading.

Exchanges are usually safe - you can safely buy or sell cryptocurrencies on them, but no exchange is a safe place to store funds.

If you want to exchange safely, choose Egera cryptocurrency exchange - we will provide you with maximum security and a guarantee that your funds will not disappear from your wallet.

Despite this security assurance, we recommend our users to store their funds outside the exchange - on secure cryptocurrency wallets to which they have private keys.

In the world of cryptocurrencies you will often hear - Your key? Your cryptocurrencies! Otherwise, you can't always be sure of that.

How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges?

The best cryptocurrency exchanges provide numerous trading options, numbering in the thousands of pairs and dozens of ways to dispose of them. You can limit yourself to buying and selling, but cryptocurrency exchanges offer much more - long and short positions, leverage, loans...

How to buy a cryptocurrency on an exchange?

Although everything sounds complicated, you can simply enter the exchange, specify the quantity and buy the cryptocurrency with the market buy option. The transaction will be completed automatically, because the price of the offers present on the market will be used as the price, in other words - in the market buy option you will complete one of the offers at the market price, issued by another user.

In the same way as selling, you can also use the market sell option, where the offer you make will be executed at the market price from another user's offer on the market.

Another basic exchange option is limit buy / sell, where you can set your own price for the offer you make. The offer will not be fulfilled immediately, you will wait until another user issues a counteroffer that fulfils your offer.

What are the pairs on Egera cryptocurrency exchange?

The Egera cryptocurrency exchange is working rapidly to expand its exchange offerings. On the exchange you will currently find cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple, and soon more cryptocurrencies will be added that our community is clamouring for.

These will include Luna, Solana and Binance Coin.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on the Egera exchange?

The Egera cryptocurrency exchange is the fastest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, so you will complete every order on the exchange in no time.

The entire process starts with registering on our platform, an operation that will take you no more than 5 minutes - including identity verification, for which we use state-of-the-art mechanisms based on artificial intelligence.

The second step is to deposit funds on the exchange - you will do this using virtual currencies, but also using FIAT currencies. There are many ways to deposit local currency - direct bank transfer, express transfer, deposit by card, blique or through a banking app.

With funds, you can go public!

Select your desired crypto-fiat pair and issue your order. Use the market option to do this if you want to execute your bid immediately or the limit option if you intend to buy your cryptocurrency at a specific price.

What are the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges?

Each cryptocurrency exchange ranking will state differently, but the best way to verify the size of an exchange is through just two parameters - trading volume and the number of cryptocurrency pairs.

According to these criteria, the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Huobi, and

Does the size of a cryptocurrency exchange matter?

The size of the exchange can make a difference in the choice - it all depends on what the user expects and what the chosen exchange offers.

If users are looking for little-known projects that may have the potential to take off, they will find them more quickly on decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges, which list much smaller projects than centralised exchanges.

Which cryptocurrency exchange? What to choose and not to regret.

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, be guided by specific factors to ensure you make the right choice.

The best cryptocurrency exchanges are not always the best for their users. What to look out for?

What factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Here we will present you with factors that will help you answer the question - which cryptocurrency exchange to choose? Some of them are not obvious, but each of them is very important! Exchanges are not only a place to exchange, but also a place to store funds, so their security, coverage and cryptocurrency storage systems are very important.

Number of cryptocurrencies

  • The list of available cryptocurrencies is an important factor for every investor. After all, everyone has their own investment preferences and is looking for specific cryptocurrency projects. These are not always available on one exchange, more niche projects are listed more often on typical altcoin exchanges or simply decentralized exchanges. Having said that, there is always a need for an exchange where an investor will convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies - so when choosing, go for popular cryptocurrencies with low shipping and deposit commissions - you will then save on commissions and gain a safe haven where you will always get out of cryptocurrencies.

Turnover volume

  • Trading volume is the best indicator of the size of an exchange. The greater the volume, the greater the liquidity on the exchange, which means that you will find it easier to execute your order - even if it is very large.

Fiat currencies

  • In the life of every crypto-investor, there always comes a point of exit. Fiat currency exits are often a tricky subject - not every exchange supports local currencies - some base their operations solely on cryptocurrencies!
  • Choose an exchange that handles Fiat deposits and withdrawals instantly, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. One such exchange is Egera, which handles local currencies withdrawn and posted 24/7.

User ratings

  • Who knows cryptocurrency exchanges better than the users? Probably only the employees of a given platform! This is why the opinions of users who actively use cryptocurrency exchanges are so valuable. You can easily find them in a Google search by adding opinions to the name of the exchange.

Security of the exchange and user funds

  • Funds pass through exchanges, they are exchanged there, unfortunately they are just as often stored there. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not the safest place to store funds - they are vulnerable to attacks, crashes and have liquidity problems. The basis for the safety of funds, is to store them outside exchanges - on private cryptocurrency wallets to which you have private keys. Only then you are guaranteed security.
  • However, there are solutions that can partially solve your problem - some exchanges insure users' funds and store them outside the exchange mechanisms - in cold storage wallet systems.

Coverage guarantee

  • Few exchanges have introduced this system, but a handful - counted on the fingers of one hand - have put in place systems of independent audits so that users can verify that their funds are indeed in the exchange's cold wallets.
  • Why is the guarantee of coverage so important? The problem originates from traditional finance - a bank run - i.e. mass withdrawals of funds from bank accounts, can lead to the liquidation of bank assets, and in a very drastic version - to the collapse of the bank! Cryptocurrency exchanges are also sometimes threatened by this problem, because just like banks, they trade with users' funds. The Egera cryptocurrency exchange guarantees full coverage of funds, which it proves with the aforementioned audit system.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

  • The deposit and withdrawal options available, are an important part of investing in cryptocurrencies. Sometimes there comes a point when you need to leave your investment and sell some of your cryptocurrencies. Decentralised exchanges do not allow you to transfer money to your bank accounts or withdraw cash. For this, you need a large exchange, embedded in local law, that provides you with the ability to deposit or withdraw.
  • The Egera exchange provides you with express transfers, booked 24 hours a day, every day of the week. However, this is not the only way to deposit on our exchange - you can also choose card and BLIK payments, dedicated transfers (you can choose from almost every bank operating in Poland) and withdrawal system: at ATMs, by express or traditional transfer.

Legal security

  • Legal security is closely linked to the security of your funds. Only a secure exchange that cooperates with local government financial authorities will assure you that your funds will not disappear overnight along with the platform. The ideal way to check if an exchange is legally secure is to verify if it is licensed by the local supervisory authority, such as the Financial Supervisory Commission in Poland or BAFin in Germany.

Which cryptocurrency exchange ranking is best?

The best ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges is the one that takes into account the most diverse factors - the number of pairs, the volume, the number of fiat currencies available, the security features of cryptocurrency exchanges (scored according to security issues that have occurred) and the number of opportunities available.

Many rankings also take into account the votes of users (Il exchange) of a given exchange.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges are the best according to the rankings?

According to many rankings, the best exchanges operating in blockchain technology are often the biggest ones. This is not always how users see it, who are looking for different solutions, stable coin and leverage mechanism, thanks to which they gain full investment opportunities.

The best exchanges provide users with access to tools, currencies and cryptocurrencies, but most importantly they are undeniably secure and offer a 24/7 support department.

One such exchange is Egera Cryptocurrency Exchange, which provides its users with crypto fiat pairs, a 24/7 support department, the lowest commissions in the market and a coverage guarantee!

Take advantage of Egera - verify your account and start trading on the fastest exchange in the European Union.