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Metahero (Hero) cryptocurrency exchange rate

Even looking through the lens of cryptocurrency price volatility, the price of Metahero is very dynamic. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has gained and lost more than 20% in value, returning to a baseline of $0.10 - this is the current price at the time of writing this article.

Since its inception in July 2021, to date, Hero's price has increased by .

How much dollars for Metahero?

Metahero cryptocurrency exchange rate shows that the price of one Hero is , and this means that in 24 hours Hero has changed its price by .

What is Metahero's capitalisation?

The latest news indicates that the market capitalisation of Metahero cryptocurrency is already !

What is Metahero (HERO)?

Metahero is an entire project-platform whose native token is HERO, a cryptocurrency based on the BSC blockchain and built on the Solidity programming language.

The intention of the developers is to revolutionise 3D modelling and scanning. Advanced scanner and image processing technology greatly facilitates the generation of realistic avatars and digital elements that can be used in the gaming, e-commerce and social media industries.

The main target of the revolution is games, which is evident from the frequent indication that the 3D scanning and modelling technology that Metahero brings be used across games.

What is Metahero Scanner

Virtual reality is an extension of our world. A curiosity for some, a springboard for others, but for AR and VR fans it's a second life. The Metaskaner is a 2.5 metre high chamber, made up of 16 columns containing 64 cameras, which transport new characters into the Metaverse - another digital dimension - in a matter of seconds.

Become your own hero!

Metahero allows you to quickly scan an object - it can be one person - or even all four, the scannable object is anything that can fit into the scanner chamber. How to become Metahero?

The technology is not yet available to every investor, so far scanners have only been used in larger projects and collaborations, such as those with Doda or CD Projekt.

Are you planning to enter the Metaverse? Scanners are closely linked to native cryptocurrencies - Hero, if you want to get scanned, you will first need to come into possession of this token.

Metahero and Sony

In September, the community of owners froze. Robert Gryn - the project's creator - announced that Metahero had entered into a partnership with the tech giant. On 10 September we learned that Sony had become a partner in the project.

In addition to the positive excitement and more bullish investor sentiment, the partnership with Sony also means technology support from the largest maker of content recording equipment, Sony.

Scanner, Celebrities, NFT - Metahero

Metahero promises huge technological capabilities, but what is the real value of the project? What projects has Metaskaner been involved in?

The Metahero community has already heard about a few projects in which one of the most advanced scanners in the world was used. One of them was a collaboration with the Polish singer Doda, who created NFT based on scans of her person.

The technology was also battle-tested during character creation in Cyberpunk 2077, developed by CD Project RED.

What if you became a Cyberpunk hero? Imagine one scan that transports you to a virtual world...

Who created Metahero?

Metahero is a project of Robert Gryn - a feisty startup and successful man. In 2011 Robert asked Codewise for a valuation of his business. Unexpectedly, the company offered him a partnership. After a few years of their journey together, Codewise became one of the best growing companies in Poland and Robert Gryn became its owner.

In 2017, the assets of the future creator of Metahero were valued, he was then only 31 years old, and the valuation reached 710 million zlotys. Codewise then rose to the rank of the fastest growing company in Europe. In 2018, Gryn vacated the stool of the company's owner, but did not cut ties with Codewise - he became the chairman of the company's supervisory board.

Which wallet for Hero?

You won't pay for a scan in a Metahero chamber with traditional money. You need a HERO for this. Where do you keep them?

The recommended way is the dedicated Hero app, which allows you to store tokens but also make simple payments using them.

To date, more than 10000 people have installed the wallet, which stores the Hero token securely.

Hero on the stock market?

You can also hold cryptocurrency on an exchange, but the lack of fast payments robs it of its main advantage - which is the ability to pay a scanning fee in a stationary chamber. Remember that holding funds on an exchange is not the safest way. If your account is poorly secured, your chosen exchange is not responsible for any loss of funds.

So protect your wallet as well as you can!

Staking Metahero in the app

In the early stages of the project, Metahero allowed people to collect many rewards for those who owned it. However, Hero's tokenomy has changed - the ability to burn and receive rewards has disappeared, which will likely make it easier for the cryptocurrency to hit major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

Hero Stake rumours

However, in early October 2021, rumours surfaced claiming that Metahero will allow users to Stake. This is not official information, the community of owners is waiting for confirmation or denial, the answer to the question - can Metahero (Hero) Stake?

Why is Metahero worth a look?

The Metahero (HERO) exchange rate is incredibly dynamic, making the cryptocurrency highly susceptible to price speculation. The relatively low market capitalisation and current price is a paradise for investors who want to multiply their wealth in a short period of time.

Is this the only value of Metahero?

The project has not gained popularity through price dynamics, but through the technological potential it brings to a wide audience - not only corporations, but also the Kowalski, who would like to feel even more immersion in his favourite game, which helps him to get away from reality in the evenings.

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