Safety is our priority

Egera is the easiest way to buy your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Data encryption

All personal data in the system is properly encrypted using RSA.

Physical and geographic security.

Funds are held in a redundant manner due to geographic location and require multiple physical authorizations for disposition.

Insured working capital

Funds that are connected to exchange systems are authorized by multi-sig collaterals and have been insured up to $ 100M.

Strong KYC Policy

We use advanced analysis systems based on the latest standards of counteracting money laundering and supporting terrorism and compliant with the V AML directives.


Each new employee must submit a certificate of good conduct, he is obliged to undergo security and disk encryption courses.

Good practices

We are one of the companies from the 'canon of good practices' and meet the highest billing policies.

Platform security

Platform security is our highest priority

Bug-bounty program active

If you have any security issues with Egera, write [email protected]

We prevent query forgery

We prevent the implementation of XSS and CSRF attacks.

Encrypted connections

All connections to Egera at each stage are encrypted with SSL connection.

Filtering communication

We filter POST / GET / PUT / DELETE connections with injection filters.

Continuous backup systems

The system is in a continuous backup process in geographically independent locations.

Tests and test environments

We use design patterns, tests and implementation systems.