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According to research by the British Financial Conduct Authority, as many as 20% of the British intend to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future. Over the last 12 months, over 2.6 million UK citizens have chosen to buy Bitcoin alone. For such investments to take place, we must use the cryptocurrency exchange. Which Polish cryptocurrency exchange is the best? We answer this question below.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where virtual money is traded. As in the case of the classic stock exchange, we buy and sell cryptocurrencies here too. The biggest difference between the classic exchange and the one offering cryptocurrencies is the lack of regulatory bodies. The digital currency market is not influenced by any bank, government or fiscal policy. Despite the lack of supervision, the investment in Bitcoins is safe - private codes are protected against theft and other digital security measures.

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How does the cryptocurrency exchange work?

The cryptocurrency exchange is a place where people who want to buy and sell their virtual currencies meet. A special investor's portfolio is required to use this type of exchange. When setting it up, we must confirm our identity, e.g. by sending a scan of an ID card. After the account is verified by the exchange and the first coins are purchased, we can start trading cryptocurrencies.

As we have already mentioned, the traditional stock exchange and the cryptocurrency exchange are quite similar solutions. In both cases, we can buy or sell currencies at a specific rate, as well as follow current and historical quotations. They differ in that there are supervisory bodies on the classic exchange that are absent in the case of the cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin rate on exchanges is determined on the basis of the actions and interest of investors, due to the lack of a supervisory authority differences in value between individual exchanges can be very large.

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Which Polish bitcoin exchange is the best?

What does the Polish cryptocurrency exchange look like? Current rankings of the best cryptocurrency exchanges can be found on many websites dealing with the subject of virtual currencies. Many factors decide about the results of exchange rankings, including

  • year of establishment,
  • service in Polish,
  • number of offered cryptocurrencies,
  • user reviews,
  • number of registered users,
  • additional facilities for investors.

Currently, the largest and one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges is the Bitbay platform, which offers its investors transactions in thirty cryptocurrencies. An interesting alternative to Bitbay is our cryptocurrency exchange - Egera.

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What to look for when choosing an exchange?

If you are looking for the best Polish cryptocurrency exchange on your own, be sure to pay attention to several important parameters:

  • security - this is the most important parameter of any cryptocurrency exchange. The best security offers: two-step login, authorization of transfers, transaction evaluation or encryption;
  • reviews - On stock exchange forums we can find answers to all our questions. The ranking of cryptocurrency hints will also be good news;
  • number of cryptocurrencies - many people are convinced that bitcoin is the only publicly available cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, over 4,000 different currencies are quoted worldwide. When choosing the Polish stock exchange, choose the one that offers the possibility of several dozen of them;
  • transactions - usually cryptocurrency exchanges charge fees for currency deposits or commissions for transactions. Before we make up our minds on which platform to choose, let's get acquainted with the costs on the platform. Remember that each of them can set rules and the amount of costs, so it is worth using the values ​​of common cryptocurrencies.
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EGERA is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, it is also the first QuickSwap overlay, enabling quick and convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, XRP and others in a few clicks.

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What distinguishes us is a professional and helpful customer support department working in Polish. Thanks to this, no technical question will be left unanswered and you will be able to feel safe.

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If you are wondering which Polish Bitcoin exchange is the best, we recommend you check the Egera platform. We offer:

  • free account,
  • instant BLIK deposits,
  • instant withdrawals from over 7,500 ATMs all over Poland.

In addition, we book payments 24 hours a day, so new funds will appear on your account after 5 minutes.

In our opinion, Egera is one of the best Polish cryptocurrency exchanges. Create a free account, buy Bitcoin and see for yourself.

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