What is Litecoin?

Are you interested in the cryptocurrency market? Are you investing in Bitcoin? Find out what Litecoin is. Litecoin was supposed to be a lighter, faster and cheaper version of Bitcoin, i.e. a cryptocurrency (digital currency) based on blockchain technology. Thanks to it, it is possible to transfer funds quickly, also abroad, without the need to convert currency. Learn the most important information about Litecoin and find out how it is similar to Bictoin!

Litecoin - what is it? 'Lighter' cryptocurrency

Litecoin is the world's second 'altcoin', a non-bitcoin cryptocurrency. It was created on the basis of a modified bitcoin source code, and its creator is Charlie Lee. The first block of litecoin was generated in October 2011. As in the case of bitcoin, the litecoin market is decentralized, there is no institution managing its emission, which occurs through cryptocurrency mining, i.e. creating blocks using computers with high computing power. Litecoin's blockchain is open to the public and therefore does not guarantee anonymity.

LTC currency on the Egera exchange

LTC currency (Litecoin) can be bought and sold via the Egera exchange for PLN, foreign currencies, euros or dollars. The platform enables quick data verification as well as the purchase and sale of litecoin and bitcoin from other users. We also provide the option of withdrawing funds using fast transfers, ATMs and BLIK payments. Funds are stored 95% offline, in vaults located around the world, which increases the financial security of customers. Please contact us!

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